Long Queues and Good Thymes*: The London Brunch Quest

Eggcellent Brunch (sorry)

Eggcellent Brunch (sorry)

*I cannot be held responsible for this pun

There are a lot of things I love about living in London. You’re never more than a tube ride away from world class theatre. There’s a green space around every corner and a borough for every mood. There are enough underground cocktail bars and cute pop ups and brunch locations that you can continuously feel smug and in the know.

You know what I don’t like about London? The fact that everyone else seems to share my taste in theatre and green spaces and underground cocktail bars and cute pop ups and brunch locations. It’s almost impossible to be spontaneous in a city where no reservation usually equates to half an hour shivering in the cold trying to assess how quickly the queue is moving, followed by another half hour scanning every menu within a half mile radius before finally dashing towards the first empty table you see, half-crazed with hunger and hysterically screaming ‘MINE!’.

This is what happened when I planned to meet a friend for brunch on Saturday morning at The Breakfast Club in Soho. I should have known better – The Breakfast Club is as notorious for its lengthy wait times as it is for its eggs – but I chose to be naively optimistic that we would get a table.

I was obviously wrong. We arrived, our stomachs rumbling, to find the world’s longest queue.

This time, however, I refused to be sucked into the mental game of ‘let’s just wait ten more minutes’ and began to scan the immediate area for other likely-looking candidates.

This is when we spotted MOJO’s vivid green exterior and appealingly-empty window table and made a run for it.

Don’t be put off by the clear emphasis on juicing. Although at first we were a little nervous that our brunch would end up consisting of a blended celery stick, the menu features plenty of appealing and filling options to complement the exhaustive list of juices and smoothies. I deliberated over the quinoa pancakes (which looked delicious but a tad too small for my enormous appetite) before plumping for the MOJO riff on Eggs Florentine, with a ‘Hollandaise’ sauce heavily spiced with cumin. My friend ate a green Shakshuka made with spinach and topped with fried eggs, served with warm bread. We both embraced the California atmosphere, ignoring the light drizzle outside and ordering variations on a green juice to accompany the eggs.

Although undeniably healthy, it was also filling, super yummy and didn’t leave me feeling 2 stone heavier. Brunch also comes with a free tea or coffee – a definite bonus in my book.

MOJO also do lunch, dinner and juice cleanses and we eyed the rest of the menu greedily (especially the clean twist on a Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie – um, YUM). A return visit is highly likely – at least until the rest of the clean-eating world catches on. I’ll reluctantly accept that queuing is a part of London life, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let it be a part of brunch.


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