Review: Hamlet

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My month in theatre has been distinctly Danish in flavour.

First, I went to the Old Vic to watch Rosencratz and Guildenstern Are Dead, starring the surprisingly dynamic pairing of Daniel Radcliffe and Joshua McGuire. It was an extremely enjoyable revival, with McGuire’s sparky wit anchored by Radcliffe’s slightly morose absurdity. Sadly I was too busy to write a full review, but consider this my positive recommendation.

Then, earlier this week, I took my seat in the back row of the Almeida for a highly-anticipated performance of Hamlet.

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Review: Letters Live

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Dear Reader,

The other night, I went to the most wonderful event.

Letters Live.

Put on by the people behind the website Letters of Note, it’s an event where famous faces gather together to read aloud a variety of letters written by other well-known figures from the past few hundred years.

As soon as I heard about it, I decided to book tickets.

I love letters. I have always loved letters – loved to write them, to read them and, of course, to receive them. During my years at boarding school, I would wait eagerly for the post, keen to seek comfort in familiar handwriting (and hungry for the chocolate that usually accompanied each card). At university, I learnt chunks of iconic letters off by heart for my finals, faithfully regurgitating them whilst attempting to emulate the elegant phrases in personal letters of my own. Now, I find that I rarely write letters. Working in a digital space means that the immediacy of email and social media has eclipsed the leisurely pace of the pen. Whenever I receive a card or attend an event, I seize the opportunity to return the favour by getting out my writing set. Letters have a magic that digital correspondence cannot replicated. There is a unique intimacy in the inability to permanently erase mistakes. The act of putting pen to paper induces a certain type of honesty. You can learn things about a person from a letter that you couldn’t were you to spend hours in their company.

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