Introducing Williamsburg, Brooklyn


For the millennial crowd, Williamsburg is the centre of New York life.

Williamsburg is like Shoreditch’s younger, cooler, less crowded cousin. The main street, Bedford Avenue, is lined with boutiques, cafés, bars and restaurants. Excluding the obligatory Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts (which really are on every corner), chains are kept to a minimum and the street is always lined with people as a result.

We were only there for four days and, with a mountain of quirky shops, live music, flea markets and countless places to eat and drink, it was impossible to do more than scrape the surface of what Williamsburg has to offer. Nonetheless, here are a few of our favourite places from the trip.

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A Handful of Parisian Brunches

Although I could live off the €1 pain au raisins from the local boulangerie, sometimes a gal needs brunch. Brunch in Paris is generally pretty expensive (according to my source it can be around €20 a plate) but, luckily for the financially challenged, there are places that are slightly more reasonable. Here are a few that I tried.

Bob’s Kitchen 
74 Rue des Gravilliers



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Long Queues and Good Thymes*: The London Brunch Quest

Eggcellent Brunch (sorry)

Eggcellent Brunch (sorry)

*I cannot be held responsible for this pun

There are a lot of things I love about living in London. You’re never more than a tube ride away from world class theatre. There’s a green space around every corner and a borough for every mood. There are enough underground cocktail bars and cute pop ups and brunch locations that you can continuously feel smug and in the know.

You know what I don’t like about London? The fact that everyone else seems to share my taste in theatre and green spaces and underground cocktail bars and cute pop ups and brunch locations. It’s almost impossible to be spontaneous in a city where no reservation usually equates to half an hour shivering in the cold trying to assess how quickly the queue is moving, followed by another half hour scanning every menu within a half mile radius before finally dashing towards the first empty table you see, half-crazed with hunger and hysterically screaming ‘MINE!’.

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