Review: Yerma


I recently saw Yerma at the Young Vic, directed by Simon Stone. I’m a little late with this review (the play has been running since late July and recently closed) but it had a significant impact on me, and I wanted to share my thoughts nonetheless.

As Spanish speaker, I was nervous. Lorca is notoriously difficult to translate. His texts are rich with strong imagery and cultural resonances, and the rhythm of the lines heightens the emotional intensity of the language. His plays are beautiful to read aloud in Spanish; even if you can’t understand the words, meaning is conveyed through the flow of consonants.

I needn’t have worried; watching Yerma, I was thrown straight into the world of the play. Despite being written and set in Catholic Spain in the 1930s, it felt unnervingly fresh and relevant.

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Review: Women Fashion Power at the Design Museum

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I’ve written a guest post for the brilliant E&A, a bilingual blog focused on presenting the best of fashion and art in the UK and France.

My contribution is a review of the Women Fashion Power exhibition at the Design Museum in London (well worth a look) and my general musings on the politics of getting dressed. Enjoy!

The Trouble Club: When Women Ruled Hollywood

The Trouble Club
I’m perched on a table, legs pressed against the small of a stranger’s back. Lauren Bacall’s eyes are on me, shirt sleeves rolled up to her elbows, cigarette hanging from her left hand, eyebrows arched wryly and eyes conveying an expression that combines an inviting magnetism with just the slightest hint of superiority. The surface in front of her is printed with a single word in bold yellow lettering: ’Trouble’.The Trouble Club is a new club for women founded by journalist Joy Lo Dico, originally pitched as a ‘pop-up’ experience for November and December 2014 (although there have been joyful whispers of an extension into 2015). The club hosts talks and debates on a wide variety of subjects, delivered by a host of women, all experts in their fields.

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