Alice in Wonderland is the story that spawned a thousand adaptations, the latest of which is currently playing at the National Theatre. After a lukewarm reception in Manchester, Damon Albarn’s musical has comes to try its luck with Londonders.

Loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Albarn and his collaborators, scriptwriter Moira Buffini and National Theatre artistic director Rufus Norris, have hoiked the coming of age story into the twenty-first century by substituting Alice’s Wonderland for Aly’s, a mobile game that allows the user to escape their problems by entering the game as an avatar.

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My London

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Inspired by the ES Magazine’s ‘My London’ feature, I’ve decided to nick some of their questions and add a few of my own, as a way to record my experiences in cities around the world. Starting with the original…

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